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"In Alaska, Obama Will Be in Middle of Oil and Climate Change Battle"

As Mr. Obama comes north for what the White House has described as an examination of the effects of climate change, Alaska is battling over oil — its chief source of revenue — and the thorny implications of drilling.  -- The New York Times

"Even the Bottom of the Grand Canyon is Now Contaminated"

Fish and other creatures in remote stretches of the Colorado River are contaminated with levels of mercury and selenium known to harm wildlife. -- National Geographic News

"Colombia to End Glyphosate Coca Farm Spraying"

After nearly 20 years of international and local pressure, Colombia may finally stop spraying suspected carcinogens on its own population. -- Newsweek

"Judge Throws Major Obama Water Rule Into Doubt"

The legal and practical morass surrounding the Obama administration's controversial water rule just got more muddied yesterday. -- Greenwire

"China To Relocate Almost 1000 Chemical Plants in Wake of Tianjin Blasts"

Industry minister, Miao Wei, says local government and companies involved would have to subsidize plans made to help improve pollution levels. -- The Guardian