Today's Top 5

Private Investor Divests $34.8m From Firms Tied to Dakota Access Pipeline

Norway’s largest private investor is divesting from three companies tied to the Dakota Access pipeline, a small victory for the Standing Rock movement one week after the eviction of the main protest encampment. - The Guardian

Children's Climate Lawsuit Aims to Unearth Documents From Oil Group

Attorneys representing 21 children who are suing the federal government over its responsibility to slow climate change are seeking answers from the oil and gas industry. The plaintiffs want to uncover what role fossil fuel interests played in shaping government climate policies. The plaintiffs in Juliana v. United States filed a request for documents from the American Petroleum Institute (API), the largest U.S. trade group for the oil and gas industry and an intervenor on behalf of the U.S. government in the case. - InsideClimate News

Eight Up-and-Coming Black Leaders In the Climate Movement

NexusMedia highlights eight scientists, political activists and community organizers working to protect our country from carbon pollution and climate change. - NexusMedia

Burger King Animal Feed Sourced From Deforested Lands in Brazil and Bolivia

The hamburger chain Burger King has been buying animal feed produced in soy plantations carved out by the burning of tropical forests in Brazil and Bolivia, according to a new report. Jaguars, giant anteaters and sloths have all been affected by the disappearance of around 700,000 hectares (1,729,738 acres) of forest land between 2011 and 2015. - The Guardian

New Mexico Tribes Pressure Feds on Oil and Gas Drilling

The pressure comes as environmental groups look to build support for their years-long campaign aimed at fossil fuel development in the Four Corners region, from coal mines and coal-fired power plants to proposed pipelines and the recent uptick in oil and gas drilling in the San Juan Basin. - Associated Press