Today's Top 5 Trending: Ag and Antibiotics, Phosphorous Mystery, Mexico City Air Pollution, Ocean Acidification, Critiquing NYC's Climate Plan

Is Agriculture Doing Enough to Control Antibiotic Resistance?

Some of the most important medicines doctors prescribe to fight infections are losing effectiveness and the Obama administration is calling on farmers to help turn the tide against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. A recent report by the president’s advisors on antibiotic resistance charts some progress but also left some critics urging for more immediate action. - KMUW Public Radio Wichita

EPA Uncovers Mysterious Phosphorous Pollution

High phosphorus levels in streams and lakes typically result from sewage discharge and agricultural runoff. But the new work finds phosphorus pollution in remote areas far from such sources, leaving researchers scratching their heads about where it came from. - Chemical and Engineering News

How Mexico City Plans to Fight Air Pollution 

Under the city’s new program announced Wednesday, all privately owned cars must remain off streets one day per week as well as one additional Saturday per month. The initiative comes after the city issued a four-day air quality alert on March 14, after the city experienced air pollution at double the national acceptance level. The city’s "Hoy No Circula," or "no circulation," program ramps up the country’s previous efforts to tackle air pollution. - Christian Science Monitor

As Ocean Acidification Threatens West Coast, a Quest to Stop It

A panel of scientists, convened in 2013 at the behest of government officials, has delivered their findings on the threat of ocean acidification to the North American West Coast. The danger is real, they say, but they see a path to progress. - Christian Science Monitor

Environmental Justice Groups Deliver Critiques of de Blasio Climate Plan

The New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, a group of organizations that advocate primarily for low-income communities of color, conducted an exhaustive analysis of OneNYC, measuring its strengths and weaknesses. The overall theme of the 76-page report is that environmental advocates in the very communities on which de Blasio has staked his legacy believe he has a long way to go to address their risks in a rapidly changing climate. - Politico New York