Today's Top 5 Trending: Atlantic Oil Drilling, Arsenic in Texas Water, Inequality and Zika, Australia's Penguin Scientists, US Climate Displaced

Obama's Atlantic Oil Drilling Program Takes Friendly Fire - From the Pentagon

The Obama administration is reworking its plan to open the southern Atlantic Coast to offshore oil exploration because of strong opposition from the Pentagon, which says the activity could hurt military maneuvers and interfere with missile tests the Navy relies on to protect the coast. - Washington Post

High Arsenic Levels In Many Texans' Water

Tens of thousands of Texans live in places where the drinking water contains toxic levels of arsenic — a known carcinogen — and the state isn’t doing enough to discourage them from consuming it, according to a new report from an environmental group. - Texas Tribune

Infrastructure Epidemic Is Catalyst for Brazil's Zika Epidemic

The mosquito, a Brazilian saying goes, is a democratic devil - it bites rich and poor alike. But an outbreak of the Zika virus has revealed deep inequality when it comes to who bears the brunt of living among the insects. - Reuters

Meet Australia's Next Generation of Scientists: Penguins

Human researchers are hoping Phillip Island little penguins will help reveal what is happening out in the oceans off Australia's south-east. A team from Monash University and Phillip Island Nature Park are attaching sensors on the little seabirds to shed light on what happens at sea, using some fairly common technology. - ABC

Louisiana's Vanishing Island: The Climate Refugees Resettling for $52 million

With new federal funding, the Isle de Jean Charles tribe will be part of the first program in the lower 48 states to address an entire community’s resettlement needs due to climate change and increased natural disasters. - The Guardian