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UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres to Step Down

Figueres' departure at the end of her term, which was announced in a letter to all the parties to the UNFCCC, means that the two main driving forces behind the Paris talks are both leaving as the agreement moves into a risky implementation phase. - Mashable

Alarming Rise in Mass Animal Deaths

Tens of thousands of wild animals have been dramatically dying around the world. Although the hows and whys often remain unexplained, climate change and pollution form part of the reason. - Deutsche Welle

Lawsuit Seeks Removal of Lead Pipes in Chicago

Chicago officials should be forced to remove thousands of lead pipes connecting homes to city's water supply, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday that accuses the city of failing to adequately warn residents how the toxic metal can leach into tap water after street repairs. - Chicago Tribune

How California Could Be Missing Pesticide Cancer Risk

California’s pesticide police could be missing a serious health concern for residents and farmworkers by failing to monitor what happens when pesticides get mixed together. - Reveal News


Is Oklahoma's New Earthquake Reduction Plan Enough to Stop the Shaking?

Following an earthquake swarm that included the state's third-largest quake ever, regulators moved to reduce wastewater disposal by oil and gas producers. - Inside Climate News