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The Toxic Chemical in San Francisco's Fog

Fog rolling in off the Pacific brings iconic beauty to San Francisco, but scientists say it also carries with it something much less pleasant: toxic mercury. Scientists who studied the fog along the coast of California found that it deposits a neurotoxin called monomethyl mercury — at a concentration about 20 times that of rain — as it sweeps across the city. -- San Francisco Chronicle

The Italian Mob's Toxic Waste Dumping is Giving People Cancer

According to a new report released last week by the Italian National Institute of Health, a few local Italian mobs have been slowly killing dozens of innocent people for decades by way of a multibillion dollar toxic waste disposal racket. -- Vice Motherboard. 

Has the Organic Movement Left Black Farmers Behind? 

A history of discrimination, mass land loss, lack of start-up capital, lack of collateral for loans, and a multi-generational distrust of federal programs have put Black farmers behind in the organic movement. -- Civil Eats

California's 'Staggering' Leak Could Spew Methane for Months

A leaking natural gas storage field continues to belch thousands of tons of methane into the air every week, causing health and climate concerns. -- InsideClimate News

Where Is the Most Cycle-Friendly City in the World?

The Dutch and Danish cycling utopias of Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht and Copenhagen are high up the list – but what about the rest of the world? -- The Guardian