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Carbon Pricing Schemes Double Since 2012

The number of carbon pricing schemes worldwide has almost doubled since 2012 but most taxes or markets have prices too low to prevent damaging global warming, the World Bank said on Sunday. -- Reuters

Hydrogen Economy Emerging From Germany's Excess Wind Power

Germany has taken the lead in the international effort to develop the so-called hydrogen economy. -- Climatewire

BP Tops List of Firms Obstructing Climate Action in Europe

BP is Europe’s fiercest corporate opponent of action on climate change, according to a ranking of companies by their efforts to obstruct carbon-cutting initiatives. Nearly half of the world’s top 100 global companies are trying to subvert climate policies by lobbying, advertising, and influence-peddling, said the UK-based non-profit, Influence Map. -- The Guardian

Green Group: Fossil Fuel Phase-Out Possible By 2050

In a joint project with the German Aerospace Centre, Greenpeace concluded that the 2050 timeline would create jobs and be cost competitive when compared with a continued reliance on fossil fuels. -- The Hill

As Fire Grows, a New Landscape Appears in the West

The consequences of a century of forest policies to suppress fires are now combining with the hotter and drier seasons to create tinderbox conditions, producing high-severity fires that kill trees and are increasingly hard to bring under control. -- New York Times