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Report: Pesticide Exposure Linked to Childhood Cancer, Low IQ

The researchers concluded that children who had been exposed to insecticides indoors were 47% more likely to have leukemia and 43% more likely to have lymphoma. Although leukemia and lymphoma are rare -- leukemia affects about five in 100,000 children in the United States -- they are among the common types of childhood cancers. -- CNN

Court Sparks Debate By Rebuking EPA on Bee-Killing Pesticide

The court in Pollinator Stewardship Council v. EPA ordered the agency to dial back its registration of sulfoxaflor, which is used mostly on cotton in the Mississippi Delta. Sulfoxaflor and other chemicals in the neonicotinoid pesticide class have been implicated in the decline of honeybees and other pollinators. -- Greenwire

25 Fast Food Chains Ranked on Antibiotic Use

The paper, authored by several public interest groups, gave each chain a letter grade based on their use of antibiotics—and their transparency about it. Only two chains got an "A." -- Time

Commentary: Despite Spin, Bad News Keeps Sticking to Teflon

EPA records show that the broken and outdated Toxic Substances Control Act has let DuPont and other companies market alternative non-stick chemicals without ever proving that they’re safe. The limited animal studies that have been done show that the new generation of PFCs may be little safer than the chemicals they’re replacing. -- Environmental Health News

California Drought Leads to Lowest Snow Pack in 500 Years

The study, published the journal Nature Climate Change, concluded that the snowpack in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains was only 5 percent of its historic average this past spring.

-- The Hill