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Dupont to Face First Trial over C-8 Exposure

Chemical giant DuPont Monday will face the first trial in litigation from residents near one of its plants in West Virginia who have accused the company of sickening them by emitting a toxic chemical that leaked into their drinking water. -- Reuters

GOP Gropes for Way to Kill Climate Deal

Republicans and industry groups are intensifying their search for a way to beat back President Obama’s new climate rule for power plants. -- The Hill

Scientists Expect Hawaii's Worst Coral Bleaching Ever

 Warmer-than-normal ocean temperatures around Hawaii this year will likely lead to the worst coral bleaching the islands have ever seen, scientists said Friday. Many corals are only just recovering from last year's bleaching, which occurs when warm waters prompt coral to expel the algae they rely on for food. -- Associated Press

Chile Plans World's Largest Marine Park to Protect Easter Island Fish Stocks

Under the plan put forth by the 3,000 indigenous people of the island, the park would allow only islanders to fish 50 miles out to sea and through a corridor to Sala y Gómez, a tiny inhabited islands to the east. For everyone else, fishing anywhere 200 miles from the two would be banned, with the threat of action by the Chilean navy as a deterrent. -- The Guardian

Conservation Will Be Key in Takeover of National Geographic

While outside the US National Geographic might be best known to consumers as the source of monkey pictures in dentists’ waiting rooms, it is a significant investor in science and research; and while the Murdoch millions boosting the endowment are welcome, the shadow of a different editorial line is not. But maybe for once those fears are misplaced. -- The Guardian